Upcoming Events

12 June 2018

AZ w/ Scott Miller, Ben Klein, Troy Rogers & Onyx Ashanti @ Feel Field

16 June 2018

GUITARband @ Nomad

7 July 2018

AZ, Joey Crane, & Maja Radovanlija @ Eat My Words

14-15 July 2018

Lip Gym in Lincoln, NE

19 July 2018

Michelle Kinney's What We Have Here (Kinney, Ophoven-Baldwin, O'Keefe, Harada, Schutte, Zahller) @ Studio Z

14-28 July2018

Jeffery Kyle Hutchins performs "Timebot Twitgod" at the Darmstadt Summer Courses (Germany)

21 October 2018

113 Presents: Helmut Lachenmann's "Consolation II" (AZ sings).

Stay Tuned For:

Premieres of new AZ works by Strains, Zeitgeist, Tak, and Neil Quiang

Previous Events

1 & 2 June 2018

"Face Wails in Mouth" redux. AZ with Jeffrey Kyle Hutchins (voices) perform the music of Crane, Cassidy, Czernowin, Schwitters, Steen-Anderson. Tilsner Bldg and Studio Z, St. Paul MN.

26 May 2018

Z solo set and Ivan Cunningham Group @ Black Walnut Festival

11 May 2018

Poulson/Zahller & Debths at Compassionate Ocean Zen Center

27 April 2018

Realtree @ Feel Field

27-29 April 2018

"Sketch Mythology" redux at Dreamland Arts, St. Paul. AZ and Carley Olson are the pit orchestra for dance meets nude figure modeling.

17 April 2018

Debths at Icehouse

2 March 2018

Jeffrey Kyle Hutchins premieres "Timebot Twitgod" at 113 Collective's Solos and Duos concert. Studio Z, St. Paul.

31 January 2018

Horns of Revelation at Kitty Cat Klub, Minneapolis. AZ on recorders and krummhorn.

26 and 27 January 2018

GUITARband and Six Families play Drone Not Drones festival at the Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis.

13 May 2017

113 Presents choral works by Lachenmann, Crane, Skidmore, and Musikantow @ Grace University Lutheran Church, 7pm (AZ Tenor, w/ Gregorian Singers)

7 May 2017

113 Presents choral works by Lachenmann, Crane, Skidmore, and Musikantow @ Lakewood Cemetery Chapel 4pm (AZ Tenor, w/ Gregorian Singers)

22 April 2017

AZ reads original writings, Hespera Series, MPLS

20 April 2017

AZ with Scott Miller, SEAMUS Conference final party, St. Cloud, MN

6 April 2017

AZ and Toby Ramaswamy with Merce Cunningham Dance Company @ Walker Art Center, MPLS

30 March 2017

Realtree (M. Kinney: Cello, P. Marshke: Drums, Carley: Bass Clr, AZ: elec. guit.) @ Khyber Pass Cafe, St. Paul

1 March 2017

Beginnermind (Noah O-B: cornet, Ben O-B: drums, Adam Linz: bass, AZ: elec. guit). @ Kitty Kat Club, MPLS

24 February 2017

Six Families @ Drone not Drones, Cedar Cultural Center, MPLS

21 January 2017

Guitarband @ Yeah Maybe, MPLS

16 January 2017

Knitxing @ Kitty Kat Club, MPLS

12 january 2017

Bêtes Blanches @ Tatterwood Gallery, MPLS

29 December 2016

AZ: Electronics and found objects, Joey Crane: Cello, Maja Radovanlija: Guitar, Elaine Evans: Signal Generators @ Khyber Pass Cafe, St. Paul

28 December 2016

Knitxing @ Kitty Kat Club, MPLS

14 December 2016

AZ Solo set at Hespera Reading Series

30 November 2016

Six Families Outreach @ Kitty Kat Club (AZ vocals)

9 November 2016

Punk Ass Classical VIII. Trio set with Patrick Marshke (drums/electronics) & Noah Ophoven-Baldwin (cornet). AZ on bass recorder and electric guitar.

4 November 2016

Ars Electroacoustica: AZ (recorders) w/ Ted Moore & Scott Miller (computers), opening for Peter Evans and Sam Pluta (NYC). @ Reverie Cafe, Minneapolis. 

29 October 2016

Knitxing @ Seward Cafe

20 October 2016

Knitxing @ Khyber Pass Cafe

14 October 2016

Duo with Maja Radovanlija (guitar), Six Families "Solos" @ Omega House, MPLS. AZ spoken word/voice. 

24 September 2016

Knitxing at the Six Families Science Fair @ Dead Media, MPLS

2 September 2016

"There's Always an Apex Predator" show opening, Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln NE. Works by Jay Kreimer and Wendy Weiss. Sound design by AZ, Jay Kreimer, and the Mighty Vitamins. On view until Sept. 29th.

11 August 2016

AZ (bass recorder, electronics) opens for Le Percheron (Linz, Ophoven-Baldwin, Schwartzberg) at Khyber Pass Cafe, Saint Paul MN

July 15 2016

AZ in workshop with reConvert Project, Sirga Festival, Flix, Catalonia, Spain

June 19 2016

AZ and Tara Loeper Perform pscroll (for Mom) at First Christian Church, Omaha NE

May 21 2016:

William Lang premieres The Mat Maker (mvt. 1), (Con)temporary (In)sights, Spectrum NYC

May 21 2016:

"Face Wails in Mouth": AZ performs Joey Crane's YOM (wp), Aaron Cassidy's I, Purples, spat blood, laugh of beautiful lips..., and Simon-Steen Andersen's Difficulties Putting It Into Practice (w/ Jeffrey Kyle Hutchins),  Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis

May 7 & 8 2016:

Six Families & DaNCEBUMS present: WOW. Original Dance and Music. AZ on electric guitar.                     Bryant Lake Bowl, MPLS

April 26 2016:

Loadbang performs Ledascape, Delaware County Community College, Media PA

April 3 2016:

Duo Gelland premieres Folgian, Grace University Lutheran Church, Minneapolis MN

March 20 2016:

AZ performs w/ Ars Electroacoustica, @ Honey, Northeast MPLS

March 5 2016:

AZ solo performance w/ Fisk|Flora|Heavy Metal|Moore|Strains, 7:30 PM @ SPACE, 550 Vandalia #306, St. Paul

February 16 2016: 

Loadbang performs Ledascape, Miller Theater, Columbia University, NYC

February 8 2016:

6 Families premieres Rillwands, 10 PM @ Icehouse, MPLS

January 21 2016:

Andy Kozar premieres Rahab's Herbarium, Spectrum, NYC

January 16 2016:

AZ performs with Ars Electroacoustica (Dan Lippel, Scott Miller, Ted Moore), MPLS

January 10 2016:

Mark Robson performs Chymicall, Mixed Field Arts Ybor, Tampa FL

January 8 2016:

Loadbang performs Ledascape, Williams College, Williamstown MA

November 21 2015:

Duet with Noah Ophoven-Baldwin, Public Functionary, Minneapolis

September 6 2015:

Loadbang performs Ledascape, Peabody Institute, Baltimore MD

August 15 2015:

Duo Gelland performs Difficult Ferns, Kalv Festival, Sweden

July 24 2015:

Artemis and 6 Families premiere La Carne Ayre (verse I) and Piss Lasso at Jazz Central Studios, Minneapolis

[AZ on Electric Bass and Recorders]

May 11 2015:

Loadbang premieres new work Ledascape, Opera America Center, NYC

May 8 2015:

Mark Robson performs Chymicall, Boston Court, Pasadena CA

February 22 2015:

"Zahllerfest" second performance. 5:30 PM @ Open Eye Figure Theater, 512 E 24th St., MPLS

February 21 2015:

6 Families present "Zahllerfest". Premieres of Daimoniogrammes, Umbra II, and Further Incidents. 8:30 PM @ Open Eye Figure Theater, 512 E 24th St., Minneapolis MN