Portfolio: Adam Zahller

A sampling of my compositional and performance work collected on one webpage.


Improvisation: Recorder & Electronics

Short clip of  AZ in performance at Khyber Pass Cafe (Saint Paul). Improvising on bass recorder, along with a kitchen timer amplified using a homemade contact mic and run through a Moog ring modulator. 


Composition: Difficult Ferns 

Piece for two violins, performed by Duo Gelland. Score-following video created and hosted by "Incipitsify," a prominent Youtube channel from the Scorefollower Project.


Performance: Joey Crane's Yom

Video of AZ performing composer Joey Crane's piece "YOM". This piece was written specifically for AZ. It is mostly "silent", with short, intermittent bursts of activity. 


Composition: Piss Lasso 

Piece for 11 performers (2 sax, 2 trpt, tbn, cello, pno, bass/recorders, piano, 2 drums), written for the Six Families Collective. Premiered July 2015 at Jazz Central Studios, Minneapolis.

[Please allow a moment for audio to load].


Composition: Ledascape

Piece commissioned by Loadbang (NYC), for Baritone Voice, Flugelhorn, Trombone, and Bass Clarinet. Premiered 11 May 2015 at the Opera America Center, NYC. Text by Andrés González (Mexico City). Score and audio below. 



Band: Knitxing

Duo (with Elektra Wrenholt) that performs on two amplified knitting machines, using high-gain amplification and electronic signal processing. (NB: Pronounced "knit-king").


Performance: Aaron Cassidy's I Purples, Spat Blood, Laugh of beautiful Lips

AZ performs a piece from the contemporary vocal repertoire, written by Aaron Cassidy, 2006. The piece features randomly computer-generated pitch material, and 3 simultaneous texts in French and English. Performed at Gamut Gallery, MPLS, August 2016.


Project: "WOW" (Six Families & DaNCEBUMS)

"3 Minute Egg" feature on the show "Wow," a collaboration between Six Families and DaNCEBUMs, performed Mothers' Day 2016 at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Features rehearsal footage with AZ on guitar.