Works LISt

In reverse chronological order. Feel free to contact me with any requests for scores or inquiries about performances.  adamzahller at gmail dot com.

Dyscosmesthesia for Clarinet, Recorder, 2 Saxophones, Trumpet, 2 Cellos, Drum Kit & Electronics (2018)

To be premiered by Realtree and friends.

Timebot Twitgod for Alto Saxophone and Electronics (2017)

For Jeffrey Kyle Hutchins. To be premiered 2 March 2018 at Studio Z, St. Paul MN.

Double Trio for Trumpet, Cornet, 2 Upright Basses, and 2 Drum Kits (2017)

Currently awaiting premiere

History in Miniature for Two Percussionists (2017)

For reConvert Project (Argentina).

The Mat-Maker for Solo Trombone (2016)

Duration: at least 20 min [unlimited]

Mvt. I premiered by Will Lang, 21 May 2016, (con)temporary (in)sights, Spectrum NYC


Folgian for Violin Duo (2016)

Duration: 1 minute

Premiered by Duo Gelland, 3 April 2016, Grace University Lutheran Church, MPLS


Rillwands for 3 percussionists, synthesizer, baritone sax, and any number of vocalists (2015)

Duration: 55 minutes

Premiered by Six Families, 8 February 2016, Icehouse MPLS


Rahab's Herbarium for 1 to 7 Trumpet(s) and Electronics (2015)

Duration: at least 8 minutes

Premiered by Andy Kozar, 21 January 2016, Spectrum NYC


La Carne Ayre for 4 Sopranos (2015)

Verse 1 premiered by Artemis, 24 July 2015, Jazz Central Studios, MPLS

Piss Lasso for Ensemble [2 trumpets, trombone, 2 saxes, bass clarinet [or cello], 2 drummers, piano, elec. bass] (2015)

Duration: 1 hour +

Premiered by 6 Families, 24 July 2015, Jazz Central Studios, MPLS

Orchidwasp for Solo Piano (2015)

Duration: 7 min.

Currently awaiting premiere.


Ledascape for Bass Clarinet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, and Baritone Voice (2014)

Duration: 9 min. 

Text by Andrés González

Premiered by Loadbang, 11 May 2015, Opera America Center, New York NY.


Further Incidents for Improvising Percussionist, Fixed Media, & Opt. Addl. Performers (2014)

Duration: 17 min.

Premiered by 6 Families, 21 February 2015, Open Eye Figure Theater, Minneapolis MN.

Score (Front Matter)

Score (Pages)

Umbra II for Two Trumpets (2014)

Duration: 12 min.

Premiered by 6 Families, 21 February 2015, Open Eye Figure Theater, Minneapolis MN.


Incidents for Percussion and Fixed Media (2014)

Duration: 17 min.

Currently awaiting premiere.

Chymicall for Toy Piano (2014)

Duration: 1 min.

Premiered by Mark Robson, 6 April 2014, Brand Library, Glendale CA.


Difficult Ferns for Violin Duo (2014)

Duration: 14 min.

Premiered by Duo Gelland, 8 October 2014, Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln NE.


Daimoniogrammes for Soprano, Narrator, and Fixed Media (2013)

Duration: at least 7.5 min. [unlimited]

Premiered by 6 Families, 21 February 2015, Open Eye Figure Theater, Minneapolis MN.


La Matrice Dentée for Solo Piano (2013)

Duration: 27 min. 

Currently awaiting premiere.


Quod Umbra Est for Solo Bb Trumpet (2012)

Duration: 11 min.

Premiered by Noah Ophoven-Baldwin, 9 April 2013, Ted Mann Concert Hall, Minneapolis MN.


No Quiet Place for String Quartet (2010)

Duration: 16.5 min. 

Premiered by Eclipse Quartet, 8 December 2011, The Armory, Pasadena CA.

Cinderblock and Empty Sky for Solo Piano (2009)

Duration: 7.5 min.

Premiered by Daniela Mineva, 10 March 2010, Salmon Recital Hall, Chapman University, Orange CA.